Our mission statement

Small factory for small people

From the idea to the finished product.

We manufacture our children's room lights with a lot of love and dedication.
The base plates and decorative elements of our lights are made from 12mm thick fiberboard on a modern computer-controlled portal milling machine.

This is then painted by hand with commercially available emulsion paint in the desired color.

Two coats of water-based clear varnish form the finish of the base plate and ensure that the surface is protected and sealed.
The base plate is then equipped with the electronic components, light chain, sockets, pull switches, connection terminals.
The motifs and decorative elements are individually hand-painted with acrylic paint and then sealed with an acrylic clear varnish and then applied to the lamp.

Photoluminescent adhesive stars in various sizes (also made in-house) round off the design of our lights and ensure that your child always has a fixed point in their room at night.
After we have finally checked the lamp, it is packed. We do not use plastic in the packaging and only work with cardboard!
Then the lamp goes on its journey to you and shortly afterwards you hold it in your hands.

The entire production process is in our own hands, which is why we can respond very flexibly to individual requests - each lamp is unique.

This is very important to us: Our lights are professionally manufactured - but they are anything but mass-produced. It is our express intention that each of our lights shows that this is a handmade and hand-painted product!

Our customers are thrilled – maybe YOU will soon be too!?